Lipo-B, LipoVite, & B12 Injections


B-12 Injections

Vitamin B-12 is found in meat, fish, eggs, & milk. It is needed for the formation of red blood cells and for the maintenance of healthy nervous & cardiovascular systems. Vitamin B-12 is easily absorbed by the body. A B-12 injection contains 1000mcg of vitamin B-12, 500 times the recommended daily dosage. Other benefits of vitamin B-12 include increased energy, better sleep, and an increased feeling of awareness.

Lipotropic B Injections

Lipo-B injections are used to help aid in weight loss and consist of Vitamin B12 + Lipotropic amino acids: Methionine, Inositol, and Choline (MIC).

Lipotropic nutrients are a class of agents that plays an important role in the body’s use of fat. They improve the functioning of the liver and fat metabolism. Vitamin B12 is used in the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It is often used as a way of boosting energy levels, improving sleep quality, as well as overall health and sense of well-being.

LipoVite Injections

LipoVite injections contain a combination of several vitamins and lipotropic amino acids. The substances in LipoVite include Choline for improved liver function, Inositol to help your body metabolize fats and reduce appetite, and amino acid Methionine to prevent fat cells from accumulating, and Vitamin B6 and B Complex to assist the body in excreting fat and excess water. Benefits of LipoVite injections include increased energy, improved thought process, elevated moods/decreased irritability, and enhancement of weight loss.

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