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Vaser® Lipo is a revolutionary new body contouring method for creating a sleeker and firmer silhouette. Many people have areas of unwanted fat deposits despite healthy eating and regular exercise. Vaser Lipo is perfect for removing stubborn fat deposits from most areas of the body, including the chin, breasts, arms, back, hips, buttocks, thighs, and knees. Because Vaser Lipo spares healthy tissues, nerves, and arteries, you can expect a fast and smooth recovery.

Vaser Lipo is different than traditional liposuction methods. The big difference is that Vaser Lipo uses ultrasound to gently break up and liquefy fat. The fat is then simply suctioned away leaving healthy tissues intact.

During your initial consultation with your doctor, it is important to frankly discuss your areas of concern and expectations. Your doctor will examine the areas that will be treated. "Before" photos are taken to help plan your treatment and document your future progress.


Vaser Lipo is an outpatient procedure that can be performed in your doctor’s office, an outpatient surgery center, or hospital. You can receive local anesthesia, IV sedation, or general anesthesia for your procedure depending upon the size and location of areas to be treated.

After you have received anesthesia, your doctor will insert a mixture of saltwater (saline) solution and numbing medication into the treatment area. The saline solution “wets” the area and prepares it for the ultrasound treatment. Next, ultrasound gently breaks up and liquefies the fat deposits that simplifies the removal of the fat. A thin vacuum probe is used to gently remove the liquefied fat.

You may notice immediately that your figure appears slimmer. Final results are usually achieved between three and six months. You can maintain your new silhouette with healthy eating and exercise.

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